Pioneer is one of India’s largest broadband providers with over 5 lakh customers offering its services in over 10 cities across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Pioneer strives to deliver the perfect broadband experience for all our customers. We relentlessly pursue the best and most advanced technologies to improve our broadband delivery network

Some of the highlights of our service include:

  • Fast Internet Access Services to ensure higher business productivity with low latency and high availability
  • Wide range of bandwidth options
  • 10 Mbps to Tbps
  • Fail-Proof Network
  • Reliable Last Mile Connectivity
  • Low Latency, Zero Jitter with Zero Packet Loss
  • Redundancy (Mesh network with dynamic routing)
  • 24x7 proactive support


40 Mbps


1000 GB FUP

2 Mbps Post FUP

100 Mbps


1.2 TB FUP

3 Mbps Post FUP

50 Mbps - UL


Unlimited FUP

Unlimited Post FUP

80 Mbps - UL


Unlimited FUP

Unlimited Post FUP

100 Mbps - UL


Unlimited FUP

Unlimited Post FUP

300 Mbps - UL


Unlimited FUP

Unlimited Post FUP

  • Above mentioned prices* are applicable when opted for yearly* plans only. And Taxes extra as applicable.

Customer Support

SMS : +91 80082 45353

+91 40 4343 5353