Pioneer Digital TV

High Quality IP Headend and Distribution

Using Latest H.265 Compression technology for high quality content delivery

Hack Proof AES 128 Content Encryption

For Better delivery and avoid network choking

Smart TV for Smart Audiences

POL Devices make your TV Smart. Can play upto 4k HD content. Gateway for unlimited entertainment and games

Our subscribers can now watch OTT apps along with live TV using POL Smart Device

We have apps for Android Smart TV, and Mobiles

Single Point Entertainment for our Subscribers
  • Don’t lose our subscriber to other large Smart TV operators
  • Create valuable bundles with Analytics
  • Single Sign on to apps, games and live TV
  • Let your subscriber purchase al-a-carte channels on TV
  • Personalization to Hotel, Hospital and Gated Communities
  • High quality video experience and future tech ready
Advantages Of IPTV

IPTV signals feature virtually identical quality to satellite and cable, being completely digital and generally of a very high-quality, with countless HD channels readily available.

It functions much the same as cable or satellite. You turn on the TV, set up the IPTV service and start browsing channels using a remote control. IPTV services also feature an electronic program guide, meaning you can browse countless channels like with cable.

Most IPTV services include live sports, PPVs, and movies for a much lower price than other services.

Monthly subscriptions for IPTV are much cheaper than cable or satellite. Packages are also flexible, with most allowing you sign up on a month-by-month basis. No need for long term contracts!

IPTV can broadcast channels from across the world using the intranet, meaning you can enjoy more channels compared to cable or satellite.

IPTV is viewable across various devices beyond just a television. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers all receive the signals sent by IPTV services, meaning you can view it anywhere you want.

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