In the healthcare sector, digital technologies can have a big impact and make products and services accessible and affordable to the masses. In this sector, it is common to see healthcare apps being developed for providing personalized and accurate services and prescriptions, and it is also inspiring to see the role of emerging technologies such as AI and IoT in improving the quality of healthcare.

Imagine the huge possibilities when you can have the best of doctors using technology to offer their expertise across their country. If doctors are armed with the best IT infrastructure and cloud-enabled technologies, then the true potential of tele-medicine can be realized.

All these services, besides the good common and essential Wi-Fi connection, requires a good robust Internet connection. For the healthcare sector, besides dedicated leased lines, we also offer more than 3Gbps of internet bandwidth with a choice of nine major service providers as carriers. There’s enough dark fibre waiting to be lit up to satisfy even the most demanding needs for a decade. And all our cabling is structured to be redundant with BGP4 for super quick routing.